Sunday, 11 September 2011

Latest addiction: Mochi Creme

Hello my fellow bloggers! This time I'm going to share to you my latest addiction and the only thing that I've always been craving's mochi + ice cream = MOCHI CREME! 

God must've heard my prayers because all this time I've always been craving for mochi and ice cream or frozen yogurt, and when I went to SM city Davao last September 3, I saw this stall at the 2nd floor and I was curious because of the store's name. I said to myself that I hope they're selling mochi ice cream, and guess what? They do!
Aren't they cute? :) Reminds me of the big Dango Family on the anime series Clannad 

The flavors available are Green Tea Matcha, Azuki Read Bean, Black Sesame (all three flavore are for Php 42), Purple Yam, Mango, Chocolate, and Strawberry (flavors recently mentioned are all for Php 38)

I am hoping for more flavors soon! I hope they'd have vanilla :)

So far I have tried Strawberry, Azuki Red Bean, and Mango. Azuki Red Bean and Strawberry are my personal favorites, but too bad when I went to their store this afternoon, both flavors were not available so I bought Mango flavor instead.
 Cute isn't it?! *.*

 I'm a super mochi creme addict!! >.<

So guys if you're from Davao and you love mochi and ice cream as much as I do, you gotta try this Mochi Creme Japanese Ice Cream, located at the 2nd floor of SM city Davao near Chicco di Caffe. It's the perfect dessert for all you mochi addicts out there ;)

And for those of you who have tried this, what's your favorite flavor? -k*


  1. waaah i hope there is a branch near our place :D

  2. @AMz88: I'm surprised! walang ganito sa Manila? >.<

  3. wala sa area namin Rizal T3T im going to SM Masinag this weekend hopefully ill find it there :">

  4. @AMz88: oh..okay tell me, so that next time if I go to Manila, hopefully this April, I'd go to SM Masinag if there's these mochi creme madness!

  5. okie dokie sis :D i hope meron hehe

  6. shay won by guessing the new flavor..haha