Saturday, 10 September 2011

iWalk the streets of Hong Kong

Hey my fellow bloggers! I'm sad to say that this is going to be my last post of my iWalk Diaries in Hong Kong. I do hope you've read my other posts about this travelling experience of mine.

So on my last few days I was able to explore more of the city. I went shopping, site-seeing, shopping, and eating :p
This photo was taken at the Avenue of the Stars at Tsim Sha Tsui, and from there you can see there's Central on the other side.
 Me and my cousin, Quoi at the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry station

 Avenue of the Stars :)

 Bruce Lee's hand print was supposed to be here, Avenue of the Stars is just recent and this action star passed away ages ago.

Bruce Lee's statue :)

There was one Tuesday afternoon where me, Brie, and her classmate Claudia went to see a movie, and that was Cars 2 in 3D. After the movie, we bought some Japanese food at the City Super and took it on the roof garden at the IFC mall. I bought Chicken Teriyaki Bento for only HK$ 48/Php 260! Can you imagine how expensive is the Chicken Teriyaki Bento at Teriyaki Boy? and it's not even that delicious because it's only a fast food chain.
 That's me! Enjoying my late lunch :)

Eating while enjoying the view of the city

If you're a fan of Starbucks, like me, you'll definitely enjoy here. There's Starbucks everywhere! Like almost in every corner.

I promised my boyfriend that I'll order his favorite Caramel Frappe in Grande with his name on it. From Hong Kong with love 
Going to Mong Kok :) 
Well, the reason why I want to go to Mong Kok that day was I was looking for NYX cosmetics, unfortunately what I found was their main office, not a store. I suddenly e-mailed them when I got back from  shopping, but they replied very late. I was already in Davao when I read their reply, and they said that the NYX outlet in Hong Kong is at Sham Shui Po and Tsim Sha Tsui :(

 Went here to buy some shoes..they're on sale! Imagine, shoes from HK$ 600+ were now only for HK$ 150-200/Php 814-1,085:)

 Busy streets...Trivia: My top 3 fave clothing shops in Hong Kong are H&M, Cotton On, and Maple

 I love frozen yogurt! That's why I've gotta try Yo Mama in IFC mall. It's a bit expensive compared here in the Philippines. Bought my froyo with my fave toppings of blueberries and mochi for HK$ 35/Php 190.

 IFC mall. I go here like almost everyday.

 Some people won't believe me that there's Jollibee in Hong Kong. Well, there you go guys!

Would you believe me if I say that this is on a top of a building? ;) 

I believe that there's Yoshinoya in Manila, but I'm not so sure. Well anyways, Yoshinoya is a Japanese fast food chain in Hong Kong, but their chicken teriyaki bowl is sooo delicious! It's all worth it for HK$ 31/ Php 168

I really did enjoy this experience. For how many times I've been here, it taught me how to be independent in so many ways. You may think that I haven't been to Ocean Park (I've been there 10 years ago) or Disneyland (went there 2 years ago) or Macau (been there for my 18th birthday). I missed going to those places and I hope I'd be able to go there soon after I graduate this March. 

If you're interested to visit Hong Kong, here are some places that you must check out:
  • Victoria Peak - Great place for food trippin' sight-seeing at night, shopping for souvenirs, and the famous wax museum.
  • Lan Kwai Fong - if you love to party all night long, this is the place to be!
  • Sham Shui Po, Central, Prince Edward, and Wan Chai - good place for shopping. No matter how much your budget is, you've got wide options from international to local brands.
  • Avenue of the Stars (Tsim sha Tsui) - Great place for taking a lot of photos.
  • Colourmix, Bonjour and Sasa - haha! these shops are for make up addicts! It's almost everywhere in Hong Kong. They've got a wide range of cosmetics and perfume brands. It's totally heaven!
So that's all for my iWalk Diaries in Hong Kong. I hope you'd tune in more for my upcoming blogposts. Thank you so much! Have a great weekend... 'till next time, bye! -k*


  1. Wow! Now I know which places to check out when I go to HK. :D

  2. @Janinay: so you plan to go to HK? it's a really good place for you know that Asian make up brands, especially Japanese ones, are very affordable in HK? I bought my Candy Doll lip gloss for only HK$ 85/Php 459