Saturday, 14 May 2011

My Birthday Wishlist

This June I'll be turning 20 and these past birthdays I never knew what I really want to have. People would usually ask me what do I want for my birthday and stuff, then I just "anything" and that would turn out to something even worse. 
Well now that I'll be 20 soon, I think it's time for me to decide what I really want to have. Of course it's a birthday, I'm pretty sure that almost all of us understand what I feel when that day comes. It's special, and if possible everything will turn out the way you want it, right?

First is the Nikon Coolpix S6100.
Th reason why I would really love to have this camera is that it's 16 MP and it's so small, it just fits into my pocket. The reviews and ratings about this cam is very good. And I have read from the Nikon website in the U.S. the price is just $ 199.00. But it's still not available here in the Philippines :(

Second, Crocs Sexi Flip
Why? I don't know. Maybe I'm just jealous that my mom got a Crocs that's a flip flop type and I really love it. It's very comfortable and light. 
It's P 1,850.00 in their Crocs Philippines website, but it's still not available in SM. :(

Third is the VS 1 1/2 inch curling iron.
I have other curling irons but I want the one that can absolutely give you bigger curls because it looks sexy. 
This one is already granted because my cousin just gave it to me last week, but it's shorter than this one. 
Well at least I can still have that big sexy curls :p

Why? I am really addicted to cosmetics right now, especially with NYX because they are not very expensive but they are really good. The first NYX product that I have and the only one I have right now is NYX Strawberry Milk lipstick (will post a review soon).
The reason why I want to have a new set of cosmetics is that I have already thrown the old ones because they have been with me me for 3 to 4 years already and luckily they haven't done anything harm on my face LOL. 
I have already pre-ordered the NYX Box of Smokey Look (S114) last week for P 1,100.00, and hopefully 2 weeks from now I'll be having them, and I'm planning to buy NYX Mega Shine lip gloss in Smokey Look and NYX Round lip gloss in Kiss next week. I can only buy them online because they are not available here in the Philippines. I buy NYX products in Starmaine Cay, an online shop in Facebook, and Digital Traincase, an online shop in Multiply. Both of them are reliable sellers.

In relation to my addiction in cosmetics, no. 5 on my wishlist is a make up brush set. 
And yay! It came true :) I already have my very first make up brush set courtesy of my cousin. 

Call me childish but I would really love to experience birthday cupcakes.
I am definitely a lover of sweets and cupcakes are really cute for birthday celebrations.

And last but not the least is the Cappuccino Cake from SugarMunch.
They say that the cakes from SugarMunch are really delicious and I wanna try this one because aside from the fact that I am a coffee-addict, I'm also a chocoholic :)

So that's all for my birthday wishlist. I have less than a month to fulfill my wishes.haha!
'till next time! -Kimmy


  1. @Janine M.: Too bad I wasn't able to try the cake :( maybe next time :)