Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cat Eye Look

Hey there! So today I tried this Cat Eye look.
I was watching one of MissChievous' make up tutorials this afternoon. She was applying a gel liner to create the perfect cat eye look.

The Cat Eye look is popular right now because a lot of Korean artists such as Dara of 2ne1 is making it as a signature look.
..and also, have you seen Dianna Agron at the Grammy's? I LOVE her look :D
I tried doing this eye look using an ordinary pencil liner such as Nichido Eye Pencil in Black and L.A. Colors Eyeliner & Eye Shadow Dual Pencil
..and this is the horrible result:
(sorry for the poor quality of my webcam)

LOL I know I literally suck at it. I'm still practicing though.
I really love this look because it really defines my eyes. It was said in the make up tutorial that when you're still practicing this look, you must first use cheap products because if you'd spend a lot of money for a gel liner or a liquid liner, it's not really practical.

It's just me inside my room in a boring evening trying to make something productive.
For the tutorial, here's the link:
I hope you'd try it too. 'till next time! -k*

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