Friday, 30 December 2011

Holiday series: Get Fresh!

This is going to be my last look for the holiday series and it's all about that fresh look for the new year.

Last night, I was watching some fashion news on TV telling us all about what's in for 2012. They say that warm colors, such as orange, and pastel colors are in demand for next year, and also the color WHITE.
I came up with the look that's all white on the eyes and paired with very cool lips. For me, it's so fresh to look at and it's wearable any time.

 The look on the eyes is matte, but if you want to make another version for this look, you can add some glitter on it for a bit of drama ;)

*products used*

  • Huroo Huroo Highlight Pop Twist color base
  • Revlon Colorstay foundation in Medium Beige
  • Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer in no. 2
  • Fanny Serrano cake foundation in Toffee
  • Revlon Beyond Natural blush and bronzer in Pink Rose 
  • Etude House Proof 10 eye primer
  • Nichido eye pencil in brown
  • Fashion 21 eyeliner in White
  • Nyx Nude on nude palette (S119)
*eye shadow used
  • In2it waterproof gel liner in Very black
  • Maybelline Long Extreme Stilleto Mascara
  • L.A. colors auto lipliner in Currant
  • a lip color from the S119 palette
*lip color used
  • Guerlain Kiss Kiss gloss in 865

So, that's it for the holiday series!
I really had fun doing such variations of looks from shimmery colors to mixed to matte ones.
Which one was your favorite? Let me know :)

In case you haven't been in tuned with my holiday series, here's the link:

Enjoy your new year, guys! -k*

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Holiday series: Peaches and Greens

So here's the second part of my holiday series.
I'm inspired with the color green at the moment, and I was thinking about what's the best color that goes with it aside from pink. So, I've decided to match up with the color peach. 

I really love those mod eyes like Twiggy. They make the eyes a lot bigger and attractive to look at. 

*products used*

  • Huroo Huroo Highlight pop twist color base
  • Maybelline Smooth Result Age Minimizing Make Up
  • Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer in no. 2
  • Fanny Serrano cake foundation in Toffee
  • ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Warm Tan
  • Revlon Beyond Natural Blush and Bronzer in 400 (pink rose) 
  • Etude House Proof 10 eye primer
  • Nichido eye pencil in brown
  • NYX Nude on nude palette (S119)
*eye shadows used
  • ELF Eyeshadow duo in Olive
  • En Coleur eye pencil in Metallic Green
  • Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara
  • a lip color from the NYX Nude on nude palette
*lip color used
  • NYX round lip gloss in Kiss
..and voila!

That's it for my second holiday look, all about peaches and greens.
I hope you'd also try this one using your own products.
Stay tuned for my last look this coming Friday, will keep you posted on Twitter.

If you haven't seen my previous look, here's the link below:

Take care my fellow bloggers and beauty-holics! - k*

Monday, 26 December 2011

Holiday series: All that shimmer

Happy holidays my fellow bloggers!
Last week, I did promised to post some holiday looks using the NYX Nude on nude palette.
This will be a series of looks 'cause I plan to have three versions of holiday looks, and this is the first one:
All the shimmery eyes and moisture-filled lips :)


 w/ flash

w/out flash

*products used*

  • Huroo Huroo Highlight Pop Twist Color Base
  • Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer in no.2
  • Laura Mercier powder foundation in no. 5
  • Nichido powder blush in Cool Rum
  • Nichido powder blush in Sunkissed
  • Etude House Proof 10 eye primer
  • Shiseido Eyebrow pencil in no. 3 (brown)
  • NYX Nude on nude palette (S119)

(*eye shadows used)
  • Lancome Color Design eye shadow in Impress
  • Maybelline eye liner & eyebrow pencil in 001 Noir Andalou
  • Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto in Black 
  • Nichido lip liner in Blaze
  • Tupperware Colour Collection Moisture Intense Lipstick in Red Wine (not sure if it is red wine, sorry)

So, that's all for my first look on my holiday series. Stay tuned for more :) - k*

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Look who's at WAGW last Friday

Last December 23, 2011, two of the Philippines' top fashion bloggers visited WAGW (What A Girl Wants) store in Abreeza mall...
Ms. Camille Co and Ms. Kryz Uy!
(on left, Kryz, and on right, Camille)

My best friend, K-anne, dragged me into this event. I wasn't aware that they'll be in Davao that day. I follow Camille Co on twitter, but I didn't know! shame on me LOL :D (sorry ms. Co if you're reading this)
These girls are so beautiful inside and out. I'm definitely star-strucked, we all are, especially K-anne.
 Kryz looks stunning on this outfit..and I like her make up :D

 Kryz and K-anne

Me with Kryz and Camille 

Camille really looks like a real-life doll. 

K-anne looks like she found her long lost sisters :p

you can check out their blogs:

I'm happy that I got the chance to meet them (thanks to K-anne). It's not everyday you meet bloggers. For us, this was like a Christmas bonus. 
It made me realize that blogging is all about sharing your insights of your interests and letting the whole world know of it. These girls inspired me to do more of this blogging thing, although I blog most about food and beauty.

So I wanna thank Kryz and Camille for inspiring us to do and know more about fashion. Please do visit us in Davao again :) -k*

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Gelleesh's Holiday Giveaway

Here's another Holiday Giveaway to join my fellow bloggers

My fellow blogger, Gelleesh, is having her Holiday Giveaway..
...she's accepting entries 'till January 10, 2012

For more info about her giveaway, please click on the banner on my sidebar -k*

NYX Nude on nude (S119) Palette

Hi my fellow bloggers! We only have 5 days before Christmas and I haven't started filling up my wishlist yet :(
But yesterday, one of my friends surprised me because she gave me this NYX nude on nude (S119) palette, which is definitely one of those things that I would really love to have. I never really thought that she'd give this to me (I almost cried with tears of joy :p)
This palette is known to be a dupe of Urban Decay Naked palette. Naked Palette is too expensive that's why I aimed for this one because it has more variety of colors compared to the Urban Decay one. 

So, Laurize. if you're reading this post, this one's for you.
Front of the box

at the back

Love the packaging ;) It's lightweight and very convenient for travelling.

 It has 20 eye shadows. The selection of colors are very wearable whether it's day or night.

..and below there are 10 lip colors, mostly pinks and nudes, and applicators.

 These are the swatches of the eye shadows on the top row.

 Swatches of the bottom row
(I apologize for the blurred photo)

Lip color swatches.

  • The eye shadows are very pigmented
  • Love that it has a variety of matte and shimmery eye shadows
  • Lip colors were also a great variety and well-pigmented (a whole lot better than S114)
  • The applicators are not advisable to use. 

So, overall:
I love it and its price is really reasonable, no wonder it's a bit expensive compared to S114.

Will I purchase this again? Absolutely! :)

I'll be posting some holiday looks using this palette very soon, so stay tuned you guys. -k*

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Julz Gives Back: A Holiday Giveaway!!

It's time for another holiday giveaway!
This time, my friend Julz is hosting her second giveaway...

For more info about this holiday giveaway, please click here.

Don't you just love giveaways on holidays? -k*

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Food Smackdown: Red Velvet Cupcakes (Johnny's vs. Margie's)

 Wanna know where you can buy the best red velvet cupcakes here in Davao city?
If you're from Davao, I'm sure you'd really like to know if you're a red velvet enthusiast like me.

Why red velvet cupcakes? It's true, I don't like the color red, but when I see the color red in a dessert, it makes me wanna crave for more, and I also find it very sexy for a dessert.

So, let's start with Jonathan's Cupcakery (a.k.a. Johnny's Cupcakes) red velvet ones.
(Johnny's Cupcakes is located at Arellano street, Davao city)
 -For its size, it's a winner.
-Each red velvet is worth P 45.00
-Not too sweet as what I've expected from a red velvet cupcake.
-It's not as velvety as expected also. The cupcake is red on the outside, but not really on the inside.
-The cream cheese frosting is not enough for its size! (Boo! factor)

Overall rating: 3/5

Now, let's move to Margie's Bakeshop's red velvet babies.
(Margie's Bakeshop is located at 2/F Abreeza Mall, J.P. Laurel, Davao city or at Tulip Drive, Davao city, or at Torres st., Davao city)
-I call them babies because their size is smaller compared to Johnny's
-Each red velvet costs P 55.00 (expensive!..but so worth it)
-Sweet as heaven!
-Velvety and rich. Deep red inside and out.
-it's generously topped with cream cheese frosting with sprinkles on it.

Overall rating: 5/5

and the winner for this red velvet battle is MARGIE'S BAKESHOP :)

So, from what store do you buy your favorite red velvet cupcake?
I do hope you like this first food smackdown I posted. If you want more you can always suggest thru comments, 
or at the comment box located on my side bar, 

'till next time - k*

MakeupByJoyce HUGE Holiday Giveaway

Hi guys! Here's another giveaway to look forward at.
It's MakupByJoyce HUGE Holiday Giveaway!!!
Loads of prizes are in store for you...

For more details, please click the photo of this giveaway located on my sidebar. -k*