Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Look for School (Very Cheap Products Used)

Few weeks from now, the classes are about to start. I know that some of you may want to have a new look for the new academic year. 
I have been thinking of changing my look because these past few years I've always had heavy dark-colored eyes and nude-pink lips when going to school. 
So, I've come up with a more light and natural look. For me this doesn't take to much time, in 10 minutes I can completely finish my look and therefore I won't have any reason to be late at all :)

-So first, I have to apply concealer under my eyes to cover the ugly dark circles. 
  For years I only use MAXI-PEEL CONCEALING CREAM in natural because aside from the fact that it's cheap, it's also a good make up base. It gives a matte finish and it doesn't make my skin oily after 6 hours of using this product. It's only P 80.00 in the market, and that's a very student-friendly budget.

-After I applied the concealing cream, I use my MAYBELLINE CLEAR SMOOTH EXTRA SHINE FREE POWDER FOUNDATION in honey to give more of a matte finish onto my face. I have used this foundation for several months now and it's really good. It's a long-lasting oil control face powder which suits in the Philippines' everyday weather. It's only P 249.00 in stores nationwide and that's another student-friendly budget, but I bought it for P 20.00 off so it's only P 229.00. Lucky!

- Now the next job is the eyes.
  I take an eye lash curler to curl up my upper lashes. Then I apply loads of mascara in my upper and lower lashes to give that thick look on them. I use MAYBELLINE LONG EXTREME STILETTO. The reason why I love this mascara is that it's waterproof, and it make my lashes very thick and long. It's P 349.00 in stores, but I bought it for only P 244.30 since at that time it was 30% off. I know it's not a student-friendly budget but another alternative from this mascara is the 
L.A. GIRL H2O PROOF MASCARA in black. It's only P 165.00 and it's also waterproof and it almost had that the same quality with Maybelline. So if you're in a tight budget, I can recommend you use this product from L.A. Girl, but if you can afford the one from Maybelline, then why not? 

I don't use eyeliners in this look because that will just make my eyes heavy and somewhat unnatural. So I only use mascara as the eye make up for this look.

- So next is the cheeks. To get that natural look, I use tints. 
 Apply cheek tint into the apples of your cheeks, just enough tint to have that natural look. BENEFIT BENETINT is a very good choice but it costs like P 1,200.00 - P 1,350.00. Pretty expensive eh?
So for an alternative, there's BENCH PRETTYWHENPINCHED. It's available in Bench stores nationwide and it's very cheap. It's only 
P 180.00 and a very good cheek tint. 

And last but not the least is the lips. 
Gently apply lip balm and you're all set to go. But if you want to apply some gloss for you to have that glossy-look in your lips it would be better if you choose a clear one to make it more natural.
My personal favorite is the NIVEA SOFT ROSE lip balm because it only gives a light pink color and it moisturizes my lips well. But if I want something that gives more color I use LIPICE COLOR in candy apple.

(Sorry for the very bad quality of my webcam)
My eyes with the Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto

( I apologize for the bad quality of my webcam )
So that's it! I'm finished with my new look for this academic year. I hope you'd try it. It's very easy and it doesn't take that much time when you're in a hurry, especially in the morning. 
You can also have this as your everyday look, when you go to malls or just hanging out with your friends.
'till next time. Bye!


  1. Ganda ng effect ng Maybelline mascara. :)

  2. @Janine M.: Super! they really make your lashes longer and thicker..and it's not even that expensive