Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cooking Kimmy Part II

 Hi my fellow bloggers! As what I've said from my previous cooking Kimmy part one blog, I promised to cook again for our 15th monthsary last April 30, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was only able to cook this afternoon ..and here it is..tada!
This time I cooked Pork Tonkatsu instead of Hamburg Steak, and Crepes, specifically Banana Nutella Crepes, like what I have in my photo above :)
The reason why I chose to cook this dish was that a few days ago I tried this recipe from the Youtube channel, cooking with dog, because it was very easy to make and all the ingredients are just found in the kitchen. I am obviously a meat lover and that time I was craving for pork chops, and I said to myself why not try tonkatsu instead? 
And because I was really satisfied with the taste I have decided to cook this for my boyfriend for our monthsary, and indeed he said it was great.. yay!
For me the best tonkatsu is served with a half-cooked egg, while my boyfriend suggested cheese on top. Well, I'll try that next time :)

For our dessert I've tried making Crepes. Well actually Crepes are really one of my favorites. This time I made Banana Nutella Crepes with chocolate ice cream.
This is my first time making Crepes. It really looks easy once you see how it's made, but when it's your turn, it absolutely the other way around, and the most difficult part is when you do the flipping. 
Crepes are like pancakes that really thin, but I find them more interesting to eat and I don't know even why. My boyfriend told me the technique to make on how to make them perfect is that do not include egg whites on making crepes. LOL I could really say I am an amateur. But anyways it tastes great, obviously he enjoyed it, and I can say it's a whole lot better than the Crepe I have tasted in a Cafe in Quirino :)

If you want to try the recipe for Pork Tonkatsu or Katsudon, here's the link:
And for the Crepes:

I hope you try these recipes. They are very easy and budget-friendly :)

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