Sunday, 18 November 2012

Contact Lens Review: Sparkle Hello Kitty in Black

Hi! I know I'm not really that much of a contact lens expert since I'm not really fund of collecting them, but I'm gonna have a review on this one for those who are interested. A Facebook message from Amz of aMz Blog just made my day - I won her birthday giveaway! Amazing prizes were in store of course and one of them was a pair of Sparkle Hello Kitty Contact lens. I got the one in black.

Diameter: 14.5 mm (Dolly eyes)

oooh~! cute Hello Kitty Pattern! I was kinda nervous about the design. Might be too obvious when I wear it, but it turned out to be unnoticeable after all.

They're kinda grayish when used with flash on photos.

See what I mean? Kawaii ne~
photo w/ flash

photo w/out flash
My verdict:
  • It's very comfortable to wear. Doesn't irritate my eyes at all.
  • The Diameter size is not a problem. I do prefer 14.5 mm diameter when it comes to dolly eye contacts. Some people just don't though.
  • Dries easily when I wear them. So, always make sure to bring your contact lens solution with you. 

...and that's all for this review.
If you've already tried this kind of contact lens, please do let me know. I'd really appreciate that.

'till next post! - k*


  1. Cute naman nitong lenses! I find pitch black eyes creepy on me but you can werk it girl! :)

  2. I used to wear contacts but nagsawa ako. lol. you look cute with those contacts on ;)

  3. Thank you so much for the comments, Gellie and Janine! :)

  4. Hi Girl! :)
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    I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
    Here is the link:
    Thank You so much! :)

    Much Love!