Monday, 17 October 2011

Review: Skins Series 2

It was absolutely fantastic!
The season 2 of my fave TV series Skins was absolutely one of the best. It started with the continuation of what happened to Tony at the ending of season 1. Then it focuses more on the individual characters of the series. In this season, you will find all of the answers of each character. The only characters that annoyed me was Sketch (Maxxie's stalker) and Cassie. Well, Cassie was fine during season 1, but when she came back from Scotland she became more of a pain in the ass in this season.

Focusing in the good parts...
Tony became good, that means he's not a wanker in this season.
Anwar is finally dating!..with Maxxie's stalker, Sketch. (annoyed)
Chris and Jal really make a good couple. I'm a HUGE fan of theirs.
Michelle and Sid...well, they were together for a while.
and Maxxie...finally got a BOYFRIEND! :D

When I was watching the final episode of this season. I really want for some more. I mean I really love their generation...They were simply the best. (^_^)v

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Review: Skins Series 1

I already finished watching the first season of Skins 2 years ago...
You might be curious but Skins is this TV series that was aired in the UK for about 4 years ago. It really has this cool twists. A lot of unexpected happenings are all in this TV series and I really got addicted to it.
The story revolves around Tony and his friends. Tony has this girlfriend, Michelle, whom Sid, Tony's best bud, loves. Cassie's in love with Sid but she always gets caught in the middle between their love triangle. Another part of the gang is Chris who has feelings for his psychology teacher, Angie, but unfortunately on the end part of the season he found out that Angie was already engaged. Maxxie and Anwar...they're cool! Maxxie is gay and Anwar's a Muslim, but they get along really well. Jal is Michelle's best girl bud in the series, she didn't really have that much role yet, but hopefully in the next season she will.
....and then there's Effy, Tony's sister. One comment about her: she's not afraid of anything. whoa!
The whole story is amazing. The cast is pretty awesome. Some scenes were touching, especially on the end part. And some were very...I don't know how to describe it..but passionate?
Wanna know more about series 2? Well, stay tuned as I post another review tomorrow. - k*

Saturday, 8 October 2011

A trip to Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe

Yes, Davao city may not have Taco Bell, but I can totally brag that we have better than that.
Me and my boyfriend went to Juan Luna street and found Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe, located in front of Better Components.

Outside the place looks so ordinary, but when you get to taste their food, it's way beyond the word ORDINARY!

The first time I went there, I get to taste their Bacon Cheeseburger worth P 90.00, and man! You'll never let me eat Space Burger or McDonald's ever again. Their not-so-ordinary cheeseburger is only worth P 60.00 and I can say that the size of that thing is way beyond what you expect from a 60-peso burger. Meaning. bigger than the Big Mac ;)
Yesterday, I tried their Burritos for P 65.00 and I really fell in love with it.

I also get to try their heavenly chili cheese fries. At first I thought it'll be too hot for my taste, but no it wasn't. Just perfect for all you wanna try some good chili out there and it's only for P 55.00

My boyfriend also tried their chili cheese bowl

Their price is student-friendly, and I really love their chili! Wanna try more from their menu soon.

So if you're from Davao city or if you ever plan to visit Davao city, I do hope you try Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe's delicious burgers, chili cheese fries, and more. 

For more of Davao's best food places, stay tuned for more of my blog posts - k* 

The new BODY by Burberry Giveaway!

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Monday, 3 October 2011

Psychedelic Me's FIRST Blog Giveaway

Psychedelic Me's going to have her first giveaway.
She's giving away these awesome NYX products! (I love NYX!)

Prizes include: 

1  NYX  For Your Eyes Only ,Smokey eyes Palette
6 NYX Round lipstick (my choice of shade/color)
1 Mega shine Lip gloss

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Stars Go Dim Philippine Concert Tour

"Isn't it crazy how life slips right into your life?.." 

Hi my fellow bloggers! Well, I've a got some news for you that will really turn you crazy over these guys from Stars Go Dim. I've been researching for some music events that will be happening as the year ends, then I stopped when I read this VERY good news: Stars Go Dim Philippine Concert Tour 2011!

I read this on their website at that this awesome band from the US is coming here in the Philippines on December 2011 to perform live! in three cities: Manila, Cebu, and of course my hometown, Davao.

 I've been a fan of this band since I heard their song "crazy" on the radio three years ago, and after that I've always been updated on their latest songs and albums. 
I would so love to hear them perform their songs "crazy", "love gone mad", "come around", "letting go", "incredible", and "like I mean it" live!
So far, they have 2 albums, Love Gone Mad and Between Here & Now, which is going to be released on October 4, I'm hoping to get a copy of that :)

If you haven't heard about this awesome band, please do watch this music video:
Like I mean It - Stars Go Dim

So guys, aren't you excited? They will tour 3 cities here in the Philippines and I can't believe that it's going to be here in Davao also.
For more updates, please do click this link, like this page, and spread the word:

If you're a fan of Stars Go Dim, what song/s do you wanna hear them perform live?