Sunday, 2 October 2011

Stars Go Dim Philippine Concert Tour

"Isn't it crazy how life slips right into your life?.." 

Hi my fellow bloggers! Well, I've a got some news for you that will really turn you crazy over these guys from Stars Go Dim. I've been researching for some music events that will be happening as the year ends, then I stopped when I read this VERY good news: Stars Go Dim Philippine Concert Tour 2011!

I read this on their website at that this awesome band from the US is coming here in the Philippines on December 2011 to perform live! in three cities: Manila, Cebu, and of course my hometown, Davao.

 I've been a fan of this band since I heard their song "crazy" on the radio three years ago, and after that I've always been updated on their latest songs and albums. 
I would so love to hear them perform their songs "crazy", "love gone mad", "come around", "letting go", "incredible", and "like I mean it" live!
So far, they have 2 albums, Love Gone Mad and Between Here & Now, which is going to be released on October 4, I'm hoping to get a copy of that :)

If you haven't heard about this awesome band, please do watch this music video:
Like I mean It - Stars Go Dim

So guys, aren't you excited? They will tour 3 cities here in the Philippines and I can't believe that it's going to be here in Davao also.
For more updates, please do click this link, like this page, and spread the word:

If you're a fan of Stars Go Dim, what song/s do you wanna hear them perform live?

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