Sunday, 16 October 2011

Review: Skins Series 1

I already finished watching the first season of Skins 2 years ago...
You might be curious but Skins is this TV series that was aired in the UK for about 4 years ago. It really has this cool twists. A lot of unexpected happenings are all in this TV series and I really got addicted to it.
The story revolves around Tony and his friends. Tony has this girlfriend, Michelle, whom Sid, Tony's best bud, loves. Cassie's in love with Sid but she always gets caught in the middle between their love triangle. Another part of the gang is Chris who has feelings for his psychology teacher, Angie, but unfortunately on the end part of the season he found out that Angie was already engaged. Maxxie and Anwar...they're cool! Maxxie is gay and Anwar's a Muslim, but they get along really well. Jal is Michelle's best girl bud in the series, she didn't really have that much role yet, but hopefully in the next season she will.
....and then there's Effy, Tony's sister. One comment about her: she's not afraid of anything. whoa!
The whole story is amazing. The cast is pretty awesome. Some scenes were touching, especially on the end part. And some were very...I don't know how to describe it..but passionate?
Wanna know more about series 2? Well, stay tuned as I post another review tomorrow. - k*

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