Tuesday, 6 September 2011

HK + ELF = :)

Hey my fellow bloggers! I know some of you have waited for this blogpost, I apologize for the delay.
This time it's all about my HK and ELF haul!

My HK haul includes Huroo Huroo Highlight Pop Twist Color Base in Green and Candy Doll lip gloss in Strawberry Milk.
Now, let's start with the Huroo Huroo color base...

Huroo Huroo is a Korean cosmetic brand, same as Etude House, Tony Moly, and Lioele, but it's a lot cheaper. We bought this make up base for only HK$50/PHP 250. At first I thought it was a whitening cream because that was what the SA told us when she was endorsing this product. This make up base actually covers all the redness of your face and this also helps the make up lasts for all throughout the day. But, I recommend to use this product when you attend special occasions, such as weddings. Another negative thing about it is that it doesn't suit the Philippine weather.

Next is the Candy Doll lip gloss in Strawberry Milk...
I love, love , LOVE this product! I am a big fan of Asian cosmetic brands and there's this another Japanese cosmetic brand that didn't fail on my expectations. Actually, this Candy Doll lip gloss gave me more than what I've expected. For only HK$85/PHP 425, it's incomparable to my Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss that worth thousands. Candy Doll lip gloss lasts for hours and it doesn't dry on your lips. My lips are very sensitive, they easily dry out and chap whenever I use lip glosses or even lipsticks, but with this product, it never did! Can't wait to go back in HK to try more of their different shades.

Now let's proceed to my latest cosmetic brand addiction - E.L.F.
I am falling in love with ELF products because aside from the fact that they are inexpensive, they offer cosmetic products that have a very good quality. Again, it's beyond expectation.
So far, I've tried three of their products: Health Glow Bronzing Powder in Warm Tan, Eyeshadow Duo in Olive, and Waterproof Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara in Black.

These days I've always been looking for bronzers, and when I dropped by SM just this Saturday and I saw this stall of ELF cosmetics in SM department store. I saw the testers for the Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder and bought the one in Warm Tan for only PHP 129.75. Surprisingly, this bronzer lasts for at least 6 hours on the face. Warm Tan suits for girls with dark skin like mine, while there's another shade that's lighter than Warm Tan that suits for fair skin.

The reason why I bought this Eyeshadow Duo in Olive was that I was looking for a green eyeshadow that I can use for a daily basis. This one's only PHP 129.75 also.

And last but not the least is the ELF Studio Waterproof Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara in Black. I bought this one for PHP 249.75. For me this mascara is a good one. It's definitely waterproof, it doesn't smudge, and it really gives that volume you truly desire. I also love the fact that it dries quickly. But there's one thing I hate about this product and that it's hard to remove even if you're using an oil-based make up remover! But hey! Look at the bright side, at least it stays longer. :)

So, that's all for this haul. For those of you who haven't tried ELF yet, I highly recommend this product if you're in a tight budget. 'till next time, bye! -k*


  1. Oohhh! Been meaning to buy a green makeup base as well, dami ko kasi blemishes ngayon eh.. =) Candy doll looks lovely. =)

  2. @Julz aww sayang ate because at that time buy one take one sya for only HK$ 100, na kay ate quoi ang isa eh :p