Thursday, 8 September 2011

Kimmy's Skin Secrets

Hello my fellow bloggers! 
Call me vain but today I'm going to share to you the skin care products that I use everyday. Now, why am I sharing this one? Because most of my friends are asking me why do I have flawless skin, but for me it's not really as pixel perfect like Hollywood stars have, but as they say for an average person, it's pretty flawless..awww *blushes*

So I start my day using this Garnier Oil Clear Facial Wash
Okay guys, I really have a bad case of oily skin and I hate it! It really annoys me. Most of the time I keep on applying face powder every hour just to avoid a shiny face, but when I started using this product, my skin is shine-free for as long as 4 hours.

Then after I wash my face, I apply Garnier Light Complete Cream...

To tell you honestly I have been using this product for almost a year now and it never failed me. My skin was too dark before, but when I started using this, my skin becomes lighter and even more healthier looking.

I admit I love to use make up. I'm an addict. I can't go out without wearing make up.
But I can't sleep when my face is all covered with make up. So, that's why I use Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil as my make up remover.
I love the fact that it's inexpensive (Php 129.75/US$ 3.07 ) and it has many uses such as whitening and hair coat. It can really remove that waterproof mascara with just a drop of this oil.
Then after I remove all of my make up, I wash my face with Pond's Pure White Facial Foam.

I really like this product from Pond's because it really removes the excess dirt and oil on my face and it gives me that clean feeling that I want.
For me, it's really important to keep the face clean because dirt and oil are the primary cause of acne and pimples which I really hate. When I was just 11 years old, I already had pimples on my face and suffered 'till I was in high school. By the time I was in college and when I realize how to take care of my skin, the pimples started to fade out. They would only appear like once a month when I have my monthly period.

Another tip that I share to most of my friends is always eat BANANAS!
I don't know but I have read an article about bananas that they have anti-aging properties. That's probably one of the reasons why my face is always glowing, and as for my cousin, Cheryl, she thinks that I just had Botox, which I can't afford ;)
I'm a banana monster and I'm not ashamed of that. I eat 2-3 bananas in a day just to keep the stress away, plus it's a very good alternative for a chocolate craving and it's healthy.

So this is me with no make up...

Photos are not edited, guys. Is it really flawless? Well, you'll be the judge ;)


  1. ur skin is glowing :D i have oily-sensitive skin type
    and i used that Garnier oil control it worsen my oils O_O
    good thing it works on you ^^
    now im soul searching for something that will keep my face matte haysss hirap allergic yata ako s aloe and too much vitamin E also Cetaphil did not work as i want it to be lolz

    oh im getting that Sun flower everyone is raving about it na :D also im gna buy St Ives Cleanser loved the Scrub!

  2. Glad to know that Pond's and Garnier works well for you. Nung gumagamit ako ng Pond's, hay super big ass pimples ang inabot ko. I have oily + sensitive skin, kaya I easily breakout. Kahit anong facial wash gamitin ko, I still breakout. Hay! I'm using a facial wash from Avon right now for my everyday use, and St.Ive's facial scrub once a week. So far, minimal breakout nlng with this tandem, But still, I hate my blemishes. =(

  3. @amz88: I think we do have something in common, and that is Cetaphil does not work for me too. A few years back my dermatologist prescribed me Cetaphil as my facial wash, then after a few weeks I stopped using it. Have you tried Garnier Light Complete cream? it keeps my face matte for several hours and yes, St Ives is also a good product for oily skin types, I've been using that when I was in high school :)

  4. @Julz: no wonder you were looking for a green make up base :p but I highly recommend a liquid foundation that is good for oily skin and for covering those blemishes :) I think revlon has one...will try it soon!

  5. Thanks for the reply :)
    Does Garnier light make me more fair? i have a problem my face is too fair then i use BB i just glow O_O
    ill try buying maybelline dream matte i hope its locally available

  6. @AMz88: Garnier light complete just reduces some dark spots on your face, but I think it only shows your natural fairness after two weeks of use because that's what happened to me and it's been almost a year since I've used this product. Just give it a try ;) but some people are not compatible with Garnier light complete, and they tend to use Olay natural white instead..

  7. sureness cge ill try it out :D thank you :">

  8. oh btw why did u stop using St Ives? :)

  9. @AMz88: nope I didn't stop using St. Ives, I still use it but not as part of my everyday routine...whenever I just feel using it so :)

  10. Yes, a green makeup base, that's what I badly need. But I might also try the BB cream foundation from Tony Moly. It's good daw (according to Project Vanity). Helps control the oilies at bay, and it's pretty cheap for a Korean BB Cream. I'm planning to get that one when I get a chance...heheh =)

  11. @Julz: yeah it's 300+ diba? I'm confused between Revlon colorstay foundation and that BB cream >.<

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    Try it for 55 days and send it back!