Monday, 11 June 2012

21 on 2012

Hi guys!
Sorry to disappoint you but this blogpost is all about my birthday celebration last Saturday, June 9, 2012.
(Photos taken by Kay Co)

I'm really thankful for all the blessings, especially that this year I graduated and finally earned my college degree. I had a blast last Saturday. I spent that day with my family, my boyfriend, Jack, and my friends...the very close ones of course.

My amazing girls...
(From left to right: Carra, Cheese, Kay Co, me, and Kristia) 

Team 'Talong' FTW! \m/
 (From left to right: Ace, Xandrix, me, and Ronan)

College classmates...
(From left to right: John, Anjo, and Ronan) 

ALL OF THEM! awww Jack, why don't you turn around? :(

I know they're few, but you don't really have to have a LOT of friends, right? As long as they are all true to me ;)

 Kay Co's birthday gift :)

 I can't help but thank Jack for this one. It was definitely a surprise.

Slicing this precious cake was indeed painful. It was too pretty to eat. 

...and that's all for this post.
I'll be back to blogging soon and I would really like to thank all of the blogger friends of mine who have been wishing me a happy birthday and prayed for my mom. You girls are great and I really appreciate all of your concern.

so, 'till next post! - k*

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nin Monster in Manila: 1st Blog Anniversary Giveaway Part 3

June is finally here and we're halfway through the year 2012...
Most countries are having their summer break right now, but too bad here in the Philippines, it's academic season again...
To start off this new school year, here's a blog giveaway by Ms. Janine Monasterial of Nin Monster in Manila

For more info about this giveaway, just click here.