Monday, 25 April 2011

My Relationship with the LIP GLOSS

My day is never complete without my favorite lip gloss lingering on my lips. I'm sure all girls can relate to that.
The thing I love about the lip gloss is that it makes your lips look sexier and kissable than the usual. If I were to choose between a lip stick and a lip gloss, I'd definitely choose lip glosses because they doesn't just add color and glow to your lips, but they also moisturize a lot than the lip stick.

Okay, so now I'm gonna show you a few of my collection and my daily routine of lip care.

I'm the kind of girl who's always on the go because my class is at 7:30 AM everyday, so I tend to rush things including in applying my everyday make up. After I put my bronzer, I pay attention to my lips. I use the NIVEA LIP CARE VELVET ROSE. I chose this because it keeps my lips moisturized and it still reveals your natural lip color, which I am more comfortable to have that look because I'm always in a hurry. Here in the Philippines this lip balm costs about PHP 85.00-88.00.

Another option is LIPICE COLOR. I use Candy Apple because it gives a natural red color, and at the same time it moisturizes the lips. This costs a bit expensive than other lip balms, it costs PHP 125.00 at Watsons.

I really love my lips shimmering in broad daylight, so for girls who are on-the-go like me, I use VICTORIA SECRET BEAUTY RUSH lip gloss.

I use Red Delicious because it has that berry flavor on it which I like. This lip gloss costs PHP 299.00-325.00, depending on which store you buy.
For me the price is really worth it. Another product from Victoria Secret that I'm really impressed of.

I'm a huge fan of Benefit. I actually have their Realness of Concealness "mini fake-it kit", and there i found the lip plump, which is a lip concealer. The thing about the lip concealer is that aside from concealing your lips, it also moisturizes. So whenever I go to dates or any special occasions, I use the lip plump so that the color of my shimmering lip gloss shows. Try it, it's really nice.

I've got loads of lip glosses. I've got some from Japan and I also have from Red Earth. But my favorite among them is SEPHORA'S GUERLAIN KISS KISS GLOSS. I really love this lip gloss. I use it mostly on special occasions, dates, and pictorials. I'm using the Rose Tentation 865, its color is shimmering lilac pink...
This was actually bought in Japan by my aunt. Finally I found a link where I can buy this online because it couldn't be found here in the's a bit expensive, it's worth US$ 30.50 or PHP 1,320.00.
If I were to rate this lip gloss from 1-10, I'd definitely say it's a 10! A lot of people would really say that my lip gloss is perfect. Even my boyfriend would fall for me even more when I use this on our date.
In this photo I used the Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lip Gloss 865. It's light on the lips, almost nude in color actually, and at the same time very shimmery.

Buying a lip gloss doesn't have to be expensive, but you must choose the one that you're more comfortable with. Getting the best lip gloss is all about the quality.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cooking Kimmy part I

Oh yes, friends...I cook! :) and it's probably going to be my new hobby right now.
I was inspired because of this game, cooking mama.
I know it sounds a bit weird and funny but I really thank that game for making me realize that I also have a talent in cooking, aside from singing, dancing, and writing songs.

Last month I want to try how to make Japanese dishes and then I have researched about different recipes. I even also asked my aunt in Japan on how to make the perfect Ebi Tempura sauce and Chicken Teriyaki. Then I was thinking how about I cook for my boyfriend on our 14th monthsary, and so then I tried to make California Maki, Ebi Tempura, and Chicken Teriyaki.

Voila! 'twas successful..
My boyfriend loved it though he had some comments about my teriyaki. He said it was a bit dry, that was because I didn't make a sauce for it. But thanks to him I'll even try to make it perfect next time.
My mom really liked the California Maki. She ate about 10 pieces, and that taught me next time if I plan to make again, I should at least make 2 more rolls for my mom alone. LOL :D

I'll be cooking several dishes next time. I plan to make Hamburg steak and Crepes this coming April 30 for our 15th monthsary, so stay tuned, :)

If you want recipes you can log on to this site: 

Tutorials in youtube are really helpful to me, and I subscribed one of their channels and that's cookingwithdog. It's just that they are having tutorials on how to make Japanese dishes easier and I can really say that the chef really looks like a real-life cooking mama, so you better check this out also:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I'm in love with chocolates!

I lurve Cadbury :) Its sweetness is just enough to satisfy my taste buds..yum! I like the Cadbury dairy milk, and their Cadbury strawberry yogurt because it has a twist berry flavor on it. Whenever I have extra money, I go to a grocery store to buy these Cadbury chocolates or Lindt chocolates.
I also love nestle chocolates like KitKat and Crunch, and this one too, Butterfinger. Got this from my aunt. So chewy and delicious :)
I don't like chocolates with nuts but I have an exemption when it comes to FERRERO ROCHER. I feel like I'm in heaven when I eat this chocolate. I got this from my boyfriend last Valentines and I was so happy when he gave me these. Crunchy and sweet at the same time.

I'm really deeply madly in love with these sweet monsters. I know they make me fat but chocolates saves me from boredom ;)

From chocolate cakes to chocolate candy bars, there's only one thing I can say about them...oishi!

Welcome to my new blogger :)

Finally! I was able to have a time to set up my new blog, and I am so happy to share my everyday style of boredom :p