Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cooking Kimmy part I

Oh yes, friends...I cook! :) and it's probably going to be my new hobby right now.
I was inspired because of this game, cooking mama.
I know it sounds a bit weird and funny but I really thank that game for making me realize that I also have a talent in cooking, aside from singing, dancing, and writing songs.

Last month I want to try how to make Japanese dishes and then I have researched about different recipes. I even also asked my aunt in Japan on how to make the perfect Ebi Tempura sauce and Chicken Teriyaki. Then I was thinking how about I cook for my boyfriend on our 14th monthsary, and so then I tried to make California Maki, Ebi Tempura, and Chicken Teriyaki.

Voila! 'twas successful..
My boyfriend loved it though he had some comments about my teriyaki. He said it was a bit dry, that was because I didn't make a sauce for it. But thanks to him I'll even try to make it perfect next time.
My mom really liked the California Maki. She ate about 10 pieces, and that taught me next time if I plan to make again, I should at least make 2 more rolls for my mom alone. LOL :D

I'll be cooking several dishes next time. I plan to make Hamburg steak and Crepes this coming April 30 for our 15th monthsary, so stay tuned, :)

If you want recipes you can log on to this site: 

Tutorials in youtube are really helpful to me, and I subscribed one of their channels and that's cookingwithdog. It's just that they are having tutorials on how to make Japanese dishes easier and I can really say that the chef really looks like a real-life cooking mama, so you better check this out also:

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