Thursday, 1 December 2011

Food Smackdown: Red Velvet Cupcakes (Johnny's vs. Margie's)

 Wanna know where you can buy the best red velvet cupcakes here in Davao city?
If you're from Davao, I'm sure you'd really like to know if you're a red velvet enthusiast like me.

Why red velvet cupcakes? It's true, I don't like the color red, but when I see the color red in a dessert, it makes me wanna crave for more, and I also find it very sexy for a dessert.

So, let's start with Jonathan's Cupcakery (a.k.a. Johnny's Cupcakes) red velvet ones.
(Johnny's Cupcakes is located at Arellano street, Davao city)
 -For its size, it's a winner.
-Each red velvet is worth P 45.00
-Not too sweet as what I've expected from a red velvet cupcake.
-It's not as velvety as expected also. The cupcake is red on the outside, but not really on the inside.
-The cream cheese frosting is not enough for its size! (Boo! factor)

Overall rating: 3/5

Now, let's move to Margie's Bakeshop's red velvet babies.
(Margie's Bakeshop is located at 2/F Abreeza Mall, J.P. Laurel, Davao city or at Tulip Drive, Davao city, or at Torres st., Davao city)
-I call them babies because their size is smaller compared to Johnny's
-Each red velvet costs P 55.00 (expensive!..but so worth it)
-Sweet as heaven!
-Velvety and rich. Deep red inside and out.
-it's generously topped with cream cheese frosting with sprinkles on it.

Overall rating: 5/5

and the winner for this red velvet battle is MARGIE'S BAKESHOP :)

So, from what store do you buy your favorite red velvet cupcake?
I do hope you like this first food smackdown I posted. If you want more you can always suggest thru comments, 
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'till next time - k*


  1. @Janine M: It's definitely yummy! Have you tried some red velvet in Manila? what can you recommend if I visit there next time?

  2. I haven't tried Johnny's... But I will, soon. ;) By the way, Margie's bakes sugar-free cakes by order. =)

  3. @swexie: really? sugar-free? well that's good news for some girls out there who are so conscious on their weight...but hey! thanks for tellin' :)

  4. pag sure oi! kai

  5. Thank you for your kind comments. Glad you enjoyed our Red Velvet cupcake. :) - Margie's Bakeshop