Monday, 17 October 2011

Review: Skins Series 2

It was absolutely fantastic!
The season 2 of my fave TV series Skins was absolutely one of the best. It started with the continuation of what happened to Tony at the ending of season 1. Then it focuses more on the individual characters of the series. In this season, you will find all of the answers of each character. The only characters that annoyed me was Sketch (Maxxie's stalker) and Cassie. Well, Cassie was fine during season 1, but when she came back from Scotland she became more of a pain in the ass in this season.

Focusing in the good parts...
Tony became good, that means he's not a wanker in this season.
Anwar is finally dating!..with Maxxie's stalker, Sketch. (annoyed)
Chris and Jal really make a good couple. I'm a HUGE fan of theirs.
Michelle and Sid...well, they were together for a while.
and Maxxie...finally got a BOYFRIEND! :D

When I was watching the final episode of this season. I really want for some more. I mean I really love their generation...They were simply the best. (^_^)v

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