Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The reason why I love my hometown

Davao city.
I am so lucky that I was born and raised in this city. 
I am definitely a food lover..and when it comes to food, Davao city has it all! So if ever I was a tourist, I would really love to come back over and over here because of their great food.

So, here are some of my restaurants and cafes here in the city..

*Ribs! If you like ribs or any grilled food then you must try Lyndon's World's Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken

I really love the resto's description because it's so ironic. But for me they are definitely the best ribs here in the city. It's definitely a must-try when you go to Roxas Avenue...

*Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you must definitely go to Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp.

Their desserts are really amazing and they can only be found here in Davao city, located at Marfori heights. A very small restaurant and but a lot of people during lunch and dinner go here to eat their sumptuous meals and their sweetest desserts! Plus, if you want to eat here on time, you would really have to got a reservation. Take it from me ;)

So here's my fave from Lachi's. It's going to be Pork Marinara..The best!
While my boyfriend's fave is their unforgettable pork ribs. From the name itself, it's truly unforgettable ;)

aah...desserts, desserts, desserts! Everytime we go to Lachi's I always order a dessert. You can just simply choose from their refrigerator which cake you want to eat. I've tried Old French Chocolate cake (Jacko's fave), Bittersweet Chocolate, Durian Cheesecake (must-try), Midnight Chocolate Delight, Dulce de Leche, and my personal fave...

 the Creme Brulee cake :) It's not too sweet but definitely the taste is heaven-sent. One bite and I can say "It's so fluffy I want to die!". A slice of this cake can really make my day.

*Davao city is known for its hot and sunny weather. Halo-halo is the best solution for that. For the best Halo-halo in town, you can find it in Matina Town Square, or us Dabawenyos call it "MTS", located in McArthur highway, in front of Ateneo de Davao high school.
I super duper love Aling Foping's Halo-halo!

Aside from the fact that their Halo-halo is price-worthy, you can also select your own fillings with the minimum of 6 items. I mostly pick Leche Flan, Ube Jam, Nata de Coco, Kaong, Langka (Jackfruit), Macapuno.
A very good treat for a hot and sunny day.

*I really love Italian food. Not to mention, PIZZA!..and some pasta of course. For the delicious Italian food, there's no other place for me to go except for Picobello Ristorante Italiano, located at the 5th floor of Gaisano South Citimall in Ilustre st.
This restaurant has that classy ambiance but when you look at their menu, the prices are very affordable. Everyday from 2 PM-5 PM, their Pizzas are "buy 1 take 1". So most students from Davao Doctors College and from UIC, my school, goes to Picobello during afternoon breaks.
 My personal fave from Picobello is their Calzone. It's only P 300.00 and it's definitely worth the price. Their Calzone is way better than what Yellow Cab has. This really has a true taste of Italy. Very cheesy and fluffy. I can even finish this all by myself. LOL :D

*Locality at its best. Penong's. Where you can experience the unlimited rice.
We Filipinos love to eat. While Dabawenyos love it unlimited. Since I'm a student, me and my classmates love to eat at Penong's during lunch break. A chicken barbecue meal costs P 68.00 only and it has unlimited rice! Clap your hands twice and the waiter will just serve you the number of cups of rice you wish to eat. I love Filipino dishes also, so for a cheaper resto me and my family chooses Penong's.

*Aside from being a chocoholic, I am also a coffee-addict. I love hanging out at coffee shops. Davao city has the original Blugre cafe which I think their price is overrated and trying to compete with Starbucks. Although they may be different from bringing out their original Durian coffee.
I have two favorite coffee shops that are originally from Davao. One is the Coffee at Yellow Hauz, located at Mabini st.

They only have one branch in the city and the unique thing about this coffee shop is that it is literally a house and the ambiance gives comfortable feeling. I feel like I'm just staying at my own house while sitting on their couch while surfing the net (of course the place is wi-fi) and their coffee is also great.

Another favorite Davao Original coffee shop of mine is Kasagingan Kapehan, located at Torres st.

Truly unique! Blugre has Durian coffee, while Kasagingan has Bananappuccinos. Me and my classmate Ace's fave hang out. Why? Their coffee is cheap, but delicious, and their food is also cheap. They have specialties such as Maruya drizzled with chocolate syrup, Pinaypay and...

their Tworon (turon) which is my fave. Their Tworon is drizzled with caramel and chocolate, and it's only worth P 45.00. We love it here because aside from their great coffee and delicious treats, it's only takes a tricycle to take us here from our school, no electrical charges (as long as you order though), and incredibly fast wi-fi. 

*You can never be called a certified Dabawenyo when you haven't tasted the king of fruits, Durian!
Durian can only be found in Asia, and lucky for Davao, it is the only place in the Philippines where you can find them. Among their types, my fave is the puyat. Wanna know why? You have to come here to Davao to find out :D 
This photo was taken last 2009. Me and my cousins were eating Durian in the streets in the middle of the night. During season, meaning July-August, Durian is like P 20.00 - P 30.00 per kilo only. Very cheap, eh?
I know it smells terrible but it's really sweet. It almost tastes like a Green Pedalai, or also known as Marang.
The perfect phrase to describe Durian is: "It smells like hell, but it tastes like heaven.."

So that's it. This is the reason why I love Davao so much. Great food is everywhere. So, if you're on a diet and you came by to visit here, I'm sorry to tell you but you really have to give that up for a while because your Davao experience will never be complete if you haven't gone to these favorite food spots, not just by me but also by Dabawenyos.


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