Sunday, 4 March 2012

What's inside my Make Up Kit

Ever wonder what's inside this make up kit?
pouch is from Cathay Pacific

I only bring a few of them everyday. As you notice, I don't bring any lipstick, eye shadows, and blushes. I only bring them whenever I need them, depending on what look I decide for that day.

So, let's start with the brushes...

Kemeiru is actually a Chinese brand. I don't know how much these are. My cousin just gave them to me.
L-R: Retractable lip brush (different brand), eye shadow sponge applicator, lip brush (I actually use them for my lower lashes), eye shadow brush, and blush brush.

Next is the ELF Eyebrow Kit in dark color.

I'm loving this product from ELF studio. I'm not really a brow expert but I need this on a day to day basis and it's very easy to use.
It actually comes with a brush..and I love that :)

I really love mascaras, that's why I bring two of them everyday.
One is the Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto, and the other one is the ELF Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara.
It wouldn't be complete without the eyelash curler. I use the one from Nichido.

For the face, I use Laura Mercier Foundation Powder in no. 5

it's almost empty LOL

I also bring my favorites from Etude House...
It's gotta be the Proof 10 eye primer, Surprise Essence Concealer in no.2, and the Dear Darling Tint in no. 2

I believe that every girl should carry a lip balm with them, that's why I always bring a Chap Stick with me. Cherry is a fave.

I'm still practicing my brow expertise. I always bring tweezers with me.

As what I've said, I'm not really a brow expert. I bought this eye brow stencils at Saizen. It's a good thing they have variety, I get to choose any shape I want.

Even though I may have a lot of make up, I still bring a loose powder with me.
I use Johnson's Baby Powder. This prevents my skin from being oily.

...and that's it!
I don't bring too much stuff on my make up kit whenever I go to school.
I only bring the ones that I really need.
Mind you, my make up kit is the heaviest item in my bag. >.<

So, if you want any reviews from these products, just let me know :)

'till next time! - k*


  1. Ako rin, makeup kit pinakamabigat. :))

    1. a heavy make up kit brings a lot of hassle! >.<