Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sinful Red Lips

So, this is going to be my first mini tutorial post for you, guys.
I have always been a fan of Adele 
When I saw her on the Grammy's, not only her performance rocked, but also her look! \m/

I really love her sinful red lips. Very glamorous, classy, and  red-carpet-worthy.
Make up gurus in Youtube posted their own versions of this look, but what really caught me is Pixiwoo's make up tutorial.

Just going to skip the make up part and focus on those sexy red lips.

1.) Draw the outline of your lips using a red lip liner.

2.) After lining your lips, fill in it with the same red lip liner all over your lips.

3.) Use a lip liner with a purplish-brown color (plum) and fill in the corners of your lips.

3.) Fill your lips using a bright red lipstick (preferably a matte one) .

4.) To finish this look, add some gloss and just apply it on the middle part of your lips for that sexy plump look.
 (photo w/ flash)

(photo w/out flash)

A- Nichido lip liner in Blaze
B- L.A. colors autolipliner in Currant
C- Nichido matte lipstick in Glamour
D- Laura Mercier lip glace in Plum Noir

 ...and that's it for this mini-tutorial in case you haven't seen Pixiwoo's tutorial.
Watch their full make up tutorial for Adele's look:

I do hope that this post helped you to achieve that perfect red lips you can wear in any special occasion.
'till next post - k*


  1. Pretty red lips suit you! :D I don't suit red lipstic T_T

    1. thanks Marion :) but for me, every girl looks good on red lips, especially if it's the right shade of red they're wearing. You can always try, girl :)

  2. Gorgeous! And it's true, red suits anyone as long as it's in the right shade!