Monday, 12 March 2012

Battle of the eyeliners: ELF vs. In2It

I just love eyeliners.
I have an obsession about them when I was in high school...well, up to now actually.

So, today I'm going to compare these 2 great products from In2it and ELF and see who's going to win this epic battle.

First up is the ELF Cream Eyeliner.
 ELF says it's long-wearing and smudge-proof.

What I LIKE about it?
  • Very classy packaging and it comes with a brush.
  • contains about 5 g of the product.
  • available in 11 shades.
  • True! It's long-wearing and smudge-proof. 
What I DON'T LIKE about it?
  • It's not available in every mall here in Davao except for SM. Most of the time you can only buy this online.
  • It's P249.75 here in the Philippines, but its original price in the US is $ 3.00 (P 128.00)
With this kind of eyeliner, you have to put some eyelid primer on before applying so that it stays. It doesn't need a heavy base actually. I highly recommend this one to people with sweaty eyelids.

...and then there's the In2it Waterproof Gel liner

In2it says it's WATERPROOF...
What I LIKE about it?
  • It's in a pencil form.
  • It comes with a sharpener.
  • Lightweight and not bulky on my make up kit.
  • Can be found in almost all Watsons and Department stores in the country.
What I DON'T LIKE about it?
  • EXPENSIVE for its's P 379.75
  • Limited shades available.
  • Not for people with sweaty eyelids or else it would smudge... hello panda eyes!
  • Not really suitable for the Philippine weather. 

The winner for this battle of the eyeliners is:


That's it for this post.
I do hope this helps you decide to buy the perfect but inexpensive eyeliner.
I'm not totally pointing out that In2it's a bad one, but I just prefer that the ELF one is better than In2it.

Have you tried either of these products? Let me know ;)
'till next time - k*


  1. I would prefer ELF too. I use it and I think it's a great eyeliner cream. Lost lasting and easy to work with :). Nice review!

    1. If it wasn't for your review I wouldn't be buying this one from thanks!

  2. ELF Cream Eyeliner has darker shade and between the two products I’d also prefer ELF :)

    ~Pauline @Kallony