Thursday, 22 March 2012

On my list: Hello Ginger!

Hi guys \o/
It's been really a busy week due to preparation and graduation practices. I know I haven't been posting much, it really makes me a bad blogger >.<
Ever since last year I have been making a list of what to buy and what to do in order to prepare for graduation. Excited much, I know.
One of my list is to..dye my hair!
Last Saturday, my aunt helped me to color my hair using the Revlon Colorsilk in Dark Auburn.
Bought in Watsons for P 395.00

Product includes the ff:

...and the results...

It doesn't really make that much difference in the photo, but in person it really is a deep brownish red color which I really like.


I'm loving this product from Revlon because it's so easy to use. According to the instructions, 30 minutes is okay, but I waited for 45 minutes before I rinsed the conditioner smells nice and it definitely leaves your hair smooth and silky. - k*


  1. Hi Ate curious lang ako kung ano color ng hair mo kapag sa may araw or kaya day light naman. Request ko sana ng picture mo, I would love to try to dye my hair like yours. ;D

    1. Hi ate nasaan na po yung pictures lagi ko pa kasi chinecheck dito. Hahaha. Thankyou.

    2. Hi deAr, can u wait till sunday? I''ll be posting new pics, just using mobile atm... Sorry for the delay

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    1. i love your hair girl! i'm planning of having the same color after my light golden brown. :)