Monday, 25 July 2011

NYX promised

Hello my fellow bloggers! I know it has really been a long time since I posted here on my blog and I know you some of you have really waited for this review to be's all about NYX, baby!
Bought these products at Digital Traincase (Multiply site here)
I apologize for the delay. I've been really busy on some school activities lately, like acquaintance party, laboratory manuals, exams, and whatnot. 

So here are my NYX products that I have for now:

*NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection (S114), NYX Round Lip Gloss in Kiss, NYX Round Lipstick in Strawberry Milk, and NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Smokey Look

Let's start off with the NYX Round Lipstick in Strawberry Milk :

-Moisturizes the lips very well
-It really gives a full color on the lips
-Affordable. Bought it online for PHP150.00

-Not suitable for the Philippine weather, so it's best to keep this product in room temperature.
-Some people don't like the scent of this lipstick, but it doesn't bother me at all.

*Would I purchase this product again?
-Yes, and I would really love to try some other colors of course. 
This gives a pale pink color on the lips and would be better worn if you have a fair skin tone.

NYX Round Lip Gloss in Kiss (right):

-Affordable. Bought it online for PHP 150.00
-Outshines the lips very well.

-It only contains 2.5 mL.
-Again, there's that scent of chemicals, but for me it's okay.

*Would I purchase this product again?
-No, because unlike the Mega Shine Lip Gloss, it only contains 2.5 mL, and I think 2.5 mL of lip gloss for PHP 150.00 is a bit pricey.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Smokey Look (left):

-Outshines the lips very well.
-This lip gloss gives a full color on the lips. It's like a lipstick and a lip gloss in one.
-Very affordable! Bought it online for PHP 250.00 and it contains 15 mL.

-The scent of chemicals, but again for me, that's not a problem :)

*Would I purchase this product again?
-Hell yes! Smokey Look goes really well with smokey eyes. I would also love to try Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige and Perfect.

..and last but not the least, NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection (S114 Palette)
I bought this one online at Digital Traincase for only PHP 1,100.00

This product contains 48 eye shadows, which are categorized into four: classic smokey, purple smokey, bronze smokey and natural smokey. Each category has 12 eye shadows. 

Under those eye shadows, you can find the bronzer, highlight, contour, three shades of blushes, an eye shadow applicator, lip color applicator, and an eyeliner.

..and wait! There's more...underneath the palette, there's also sixteen different shades of lip color that are perfect for the look, twelve glitter cream shadows, and four concealers.

So, overall..

- The eye shadows work really well.
- I love the eyeliner because it doesn't smudge easily. So it's really a must to use a smudger or any eye brush for smudging..and the best part, it's long-lasting.
-The bronzer, blushes, highlight, and contour is also good.

-The concealers are not so good as I expected. It's better to use a different concealer than the one that is in the palette.
-The glitter cream shadows are a bit disturbing.
-Some of the lip colors don't work out so good, especially the dark-colored ones.
-The applicator sucks...sorry >.<

*Would I purchase this product again?
-No. I'd probably just go for a set of smokey look eye shadow palettes from NYX because they are really good. No doubt about that.

So that's all for my first part of NYX reviews. I really do hope that I'd be able to try more of their products soon.
Let me know if you want some FOTD's using these products by posting comments here or on my chatbox...
'til next blog post..sayonara! x -k*