Sunday, 1 April 2012

Lash Review: NOYL Value Pack 5p

First, I want to thank everyone who have posted comments on my previous blogpost (link here). 
Most of you liked the set of lashes that I received and it's the NOYL lashes that's in a 5-piece value pack.

For the upper lashes:

For the lower lashes:

Each pack comes with a lash case...

As what I've mentioned on my previous post, each pack is worth HK$ 52.00 bought in Sasa.

Close up... 

*I took these photos using my camera phone...sorry >.<

-The Verdict-
  • It's natural-looking, meaning it's not too obvious that I'm wearing these falsies when I had them on.
  • I love the fact that when I remove them from the package, I can remove them easily, unlike the other lashes I've tried that if I have to remove them, I have to scrape them off using tweezers.
  • Got free lash case. YAY!
  • Super lightweight.
  • NOT itchy and it's wearable in any occasion.
  • NOT disposable. Can be used for about 2-3 times. (that's okay with me)
  • For me the length of the upper and lower lashes is just fine.
  • This product is not available here in the Philippines.
  • It didn't come with a lash glue :(

So that's it for my review on these lashes from NOYL. 
For those people who have been thinking on buying this one, I do hope this review helped you.

Enjoy the holidays! 'till next post - k*


  1. I adore the lashes K! Love that the band is transparent. Looks very natural on you! Super like!!! :)

  2. wow that is so cute and it really look like natural.