Sunday, 29 January 2012

Yearbook Pictorial

"You'll only graduate college once in your life, (well, unless you want to proceed to another course after you graduated) so you really want to make your yearbook photo memorable and worth keeping."
That's what my friends who already graduated told me before the yearbook pictorial...
ahhh...your photo on that yearbook of yours, you want it to perfect, right? I didn't have second thoughts on letting my best friend, K-anne, do my hair and make up for me and my friends.
Last January 22, 2012 we were at the HRM building of UIC for our yearbook pictorial.
Zandra's up first :)

Finished look :)

Ate Althea is up! K-anne is putting Etude House's Proof 10 eye primer on her eyelids

According to K-anne, my friend Rhobe reminds her of the Korean actress  Jun Ji-hyun of 'My Sassy Girl'

MY TURN! lol

I am STARTRUCKED! thanks to K-anne

My friend Kate looks so pretty :)

..that was just behind the scenes.
Me and my classmates really had fun during the pictorial and it's all because of K-anne.
yearbook group photo

We'll never regret our faces when we see it again in 3, 12, or even 20 years from now. make it even more memorable, the photographers let us have a photo with our beautiful make up artist.

Thanks a bunch, K-anne! x
check out her photoblog:


  1. wew lagi diri c zandra ^_^ hehe...thanks sa link/info :)

  2. Thanks, ate kimmy :))) parang court-side reporter lang hehe!

  3. @Zanchi and @jchan sure you guys! no prob :)