Saturday, 21 January 2012

First 2012 product reviews

Wow! My very first blogpost for this 2012...
Are you all excited for the product reviews?
Last December, I've purchased a few make up products

So, I'm not gonna keep you waiting friends, let's start with the eyeliners!
I purchased Fashion21 Eyeliner in White and In2it Waterproof Gel liner in Very black 
 (Left: F21, right: In2it)

 What I really love about the Fashion21 eyeliner is that it's matte, unlike Nichido, they had the shimmery white ones..and this one costs P 80.00

As you can see from my swatch, it's indeed a matte white color.

What I like about it? It's cheap and it's easy to find. You can buy this in any Fashion21 outlets in departments stores or in any Watsons store.
What I don't like about it? It doesn't glide smoothly. It sticks to my lower lashes. It doesn't blend well on my waterline. Therefore, this one is a lot better to use on upper lashes and eyelids.
Will I purchase this product again? No. So that means I'm still in the search for a good yet inexpensive matte white eyeliner >.<

Now, let's move on to the In2it Waterproof gel liner.
Finding for a cheaper alternative to that Bobbi Brown Gel liner? I highly recommend this one :)

For it's price P 379.75, it's already a winner, and this comes with a sharpener also.

What I like about it? It glides smoothly both on upper and lower lashes. It doesn't smudge. It comes in this pencil form that really works for me because that makes it applying the product a lot easier.
What I don't like about it? I find it a bit pricey and since I have very sweaty lids, I need to apply a heavy base on my eyelids before applying this one, unlike the Bobbi Brown one, although my lids are really sweaty it stays for about 10 hours.
Will I purchase this product again? Hmm...possible. But I'm not yet so sure.

Let's get it on with this lippy from Avon

I'm currently in love with this one from Simply Pretty...

The shade is Pampering Pink and if I'm not mistaken this one is only P 135.00

Swatched! It's really a gorgeous pink color.

I highly apologize for my very oily skin LOL :D
I didn't wear any make up the whole day and I've just arrived from this medical mission.
What I like about it? This kind of pink shade is really perfect for morena skin. It looks natural. It doesn't overpower your skin tone and it's long-lasting + moisturizing. No need to apply lip balm before applying this lippy.
What I don't like about it? I have sensitive lips and I find my lips chappy by the end of the day every time I use this product. So my tip for girls who have sensitive lips and wanna try this product, heal your lips by applying lip balm (chapstick/petroleum jelly) before you go to sleep.
Will I purchase this product again? Absolutely!

..and last but not the least
Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination/Oily skin

The label says it stays on your skin up to 16 hours and it gives that flawless look + it's lightweight.

Got the one in Medium Beige! Tsk!..not my skin color :(

...and this is how it looks like when it's blended >.<

 As you can see, it does not match my skin color. I'm a bit sad but...
What I like about it? It really stays on my skin the whole day. Even if I go out in the sun, it never fails to look my skin oil-free. I find this product worth it for its price: P 825.00.
What I don't like about it? It dries out easily when you apply it. Therefore, you have to apply moisturizer first before applying this liquid foundation.
Will I purchase this product again? Definitely! I've been looking my whole life for an affordable liquid foundation that suits for my oily skin, but I have to keep in mind to buy the one in Golden Beige or Natural Tan.

That's it for my first 2012 product reviews.
Have you tried any of these products? If so, tell us what you think about them - k*


  1. Try ELF white eye liner. Medyo shimmery din siya like the Nichido, but ELF has a better formula.

  2. @Julz: is that the brightening eyeliner? yeah, I was actually planning to buy that one but when I went to SM it's out of stock >.<

  3. same experience with the f21 liner. It's difficult to blend. I wanna try the NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk :-)

  4. @Aya: I kinda regret I bought the F21 eyeliner...but hey! thanks for the thought :)

  5. For the white eyeliner, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk kaya? Or the one by Prestige.
    I want the In2it eyeliner! :D
    I also have Avon Pampering Pink hihi. Looks great on you! :)

  6. @Janine M.: thanks for the suggestion girl!...I kinda expect that you have this Avon lipstick in this shade since I know that you're in love with pink :p thank you x

  7. i wanted to buy revlon's golden beige but it was currently out of stock in sm last december. i wish it's on stock now so that we can buy the right shade. =)

  8. @Sweet: awww is Natural Tan available here in Davao?..because at Abreeza, their shades is only available up to medium beige >.<

  9. I want to try the in2it eyeliner, it looks promising. ^_^

  10. great review. you have a lovely beauty blog--lots of good info i can pick up here. following now... and hope to stay connected.


  11. @♥AdamAlexMommy♥: thanks for following! tune in for more posts :)

  12. Revlon colorstay is my favorite foundation :D Sayang di nagmatch sayo ang nabili mo! :(

  13. @Marion: it's their darkest shade kasi daw >.<