Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Day 1: Travelling alone...again!

As what I've promised I'm going to post my iWalk diaries here on my blog. Didn't really have time to post blogs while I was on my trip 'cause all I wanna do is explore :)
Destination is Hong Kong, China. It's NOT my first time to go here, this is probably my fourth time since I was 9 years old. The reason why I decided to take to this trip is, first, I get a chance to watch my favorite band Paramore LIVE!, and second, since it's Kadayawan festival in Davao and all of the people is in a party mood by that time while I'm stuck in the house because my mom won't allow me to go out, I decided to spend my Kadayawan in Hong Kong with my cousins and party all night.
This photo was taken at Mactan Cebu International Airport while I was waiting for the immigration. 
I also saw Katrina Halili that day at the airport with her..uhmm I dunno..boyfriend I guess. 

She wasn't as beautiful as expected. I thought she was just a local model when I saw her. I just realized that she is the real Katrina Halili when a bunch of people started to take photos of her.

Well anyways, I can't stop thanking my passport for all the possibilities of going to other places.
Without this, I won't be able to visit HK over and over again. I really wished that my boyfriend would come with me to watch the concert.
So my flight was at 10:05 PM of August 13th, so my ETA in HK is 12:55 AM of August 14th. While I was on the plane I saw this article of a magazine about the events happening in Asia and one of them is Paramore LIVE! in Hong Kong. It's just because I'm an avid fan of them that I really had to take this photo or else I'd rip this page off :p
 I arrived at exactly 12:35 AM, a bit earlier than I expected.
..and yes! that's the walkalator. Leading me to the immigration because I know that there will be a long queue, and I don't wanna miss the bus going home.
Actually it's my first time to ride a bus going to Central. Because I arrived around 1 AM and the trains are closed, then I really have to take the bus to Central. The bus fare is HK$31, converted that is PHP155. It's a lot cheaper than the train but it takes you to Central for about an hour and a half. 

I arrived at my cousin's flat around 3 AM. I was so exhausted that I have to sleep, the concert will happen on that night and I'm so excited. So far, that's all that happened on may Day's all about travelling alone. The experience is amazing. It really teaches you how to be independent and I am so fortunate to experience that when I was still 18 years old when I had my birthday celebration for a week in HK and Macau.

So tune in for more iWalk Diaries. Will post more soon. Take care, bye! x -k*


  1. Nice Kim! Buti hindi ka naligaw kahit ikaw lang mag-isa pumunta sa bahay ng pinsan mo. :)

    More pix!!! =p

  2. @Julz yeah buti na nga lang :) you'll never get lost there basta kung marunong ka lang magbasa ng english :D and the Chinese people speaks english anyways so it's okay