Monday, 1 October 2012

Fall Trend: Brown Smokey Eyes (mini tutorial)

Hi ladies I'm back! Well, not for too long 'cause you see I'm still busy with my board exam review.
It's the second 'ber' month of the year 2012 and I've noticed ever since last September, Fall trends have already started in some of the beauty blogs and fashion blogs that I followed. Although we may not have four season here in our country but we still tend to follow the seasonal trends all around the globe.
Whenever I hear the phrase "Fall Trend", I think of coats and scarfs, and for the colors, there's browns and plums.

Anyways, here's a mini tutorial for y'all. I haven't been wearing make up for about a month now due to my ongoing acne treatment, but I miss wearing it so badly that I tend to wear just simply eye make up and some lippy. I don't put on foundation, concealer, or blushies, just an ordinary face powder.

I'm so obsessed with BROWN SMOKEY EYES! I find it really sexy actually. It's my go-to look for the past few days now. It's really not that heavy to look and perfect for day-to-day wear. It's also perfect for different types of skin tone, whether you're fair, dark, or tan, you can easily pull it off.

I just used 3 eye shadows on this look and all of them are matte ones from my NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection (S114) palette.

1 - for the eyelids; 2 - crease; 3 - highlight

So, let's get started!

  1. Prime your eyelids using your eye shadow primer. Apply it also on your brow bone and below your bottom lashes.
  2. Using a brown eye pencil, line you upper lashes and the top of your lashes. And don't forget to put also below your bottom lashes.
step. #2

3. Smudge. Smudge. SMUDGE!
4. Apply a light brown eye shadow all over your eyelid using a flat brush. Don't forget also to apply some on your bottom lashes.
step #4

5. Use a dark brown eye shadow and apply it on you crease using a fluffy brush, and blend it inwards. Apply also below the bottom lashes.
step #5

6. Using a light eye shadow, preferably 2 shades lighter than your skin tone, apply some of it to your tear duct and brow bone using a fluffy brush. This will serve as your highlight.
step #6

7. Use a black liquid eye liner and apply it thinly on your upper lashes just to emphasize your lashes for a more dramatic look.

8. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of your favorite volume mascara and you're good to go!

..and TA-DA!

I'm like laughing out loud 'cause I literally did NOT edit my photos for you to see how bad my skin is right now. I may have edited the lighting, but not my face :p

Since I'm really digging for the fall trend, I also applied that trend on my lips. 
I'm using NICHIDO LIP LINER in LP04 'ROSETTE', and to top that off, I used LAURA MERCIER LIP GLOSS in PLUM NOIR.

and that's it for this look.

So what do you think, my gorgeous followers? I'd really appreciate it if you'd post your comments below.
I'm daring you all ladies to try this one. :)
I know my skin is really in a bad condition right now. Currently suffering with acne at the moment. Maybe because I'm somewhat stressed with the review, but don't worry lads, I can handle it.

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 'till next post! - k*


  1. good job on this look... it would have look vavavoom if you volumized your lashes. ^_^

    check out my brown smokey tutorial too. I have an old post

    1. Hi Hollie! I know right? Guess I just picked out the wrong mascara on my make up kit. :D

      Anyway, thanks for droppin' by

  2. Looks gorgeous, would have looked even more pretty and vavoom with full lashes and red lips!!!