Saturday, 4 June 2011

Turning 20: 20 facts about me

Hey guys! So this blog post is all about your official blogger, and that's me Kimycup...
This month I'll be turning 20..well, let's just make that twen-TEEN :D and here are some 20 random facts about me.

*1. I am the only daughter of Ma. Adela Josol Gill. Yes, I am definitely a loner inside our house since I am the only child of my mom. 

*2. Did piano lessons for 6 years! 6 long years...just stopped 3 years ago.

*3. Yes, one of my hobbies is writing songs. I wrote my first song when I was 9 years old, and the title of that song was "petrify"

*4. I don't know but I always love APPLE PIES. But the best one the I've tasted in my almost 20 years of existence is at De Bonte Koe :)

*5. The very first time that I received a bouquet of roses was when I turned 19, which was last year. 

*6. Ever since I was young, my favorite food is Pizza. But I prefer Italian Pizza than the American :)

*7. I'm currently studying pharmacy at the University of the Immaculate Conception of Davao...a course that is definitely way too far from my desired career.

*8. Favorite make up brand/s? I've gotta say it's Majolica Majorca, Kate (Kanebo), and NYX.

*9. I really want to be a singer/songwriter someday. That's my dream. When I was just in my first year in college I tried to be a vocalist in a band for a competition. Luckily, we won 1st place and experienced a radio guesting at Monster Radio. It was overwhelming and embarrassing at the same time while doing the show.

*10. Yes, I love ice fave flavors are Vanilla and Butterscotch

*11. My favorite colors are different shades of blue, whether it's baby blue, sky blue, midnight blue, indigo, sapphire, true blue, or dark long it is blue.

*12. Learned playing the guitar all by myself when I was 12 years old, and the first chord I learned was F.

*13. I am a CHOCOHOLIC!!! I love eating chocolates especially when I'm depressed. My faves are Lindt, Mars bars, and KitKat.

*14. People may usually find me not easy to be with, but I'm just a really shy person. The truth is I want to be close to everybody, and if they would give me a chance to express more about myself, I would.

*15.)When I was just 6 years old. My ultimate dream is to go to Paris, France.

*16. I grew up with the nickname "Kakai" and "Kaye".

*17. I used to be a "good girl" in high school 'till I reached my junior years. I realized that people could be really mean sometimes and they could do bad stuff like ruin your friendship with your friends, and that taught me how to fight by myself. High school was really a jungle.

*18. I'm afraid of crawling creatures. That includes ants, snakes... anything that crawls.

*19. What do I usually order in a coffee shop? It's definitely mocha frappe :)

*20. A Paramore Fanatic! I love their songs so much and sometimes I think that they're theme songs of my life. 

So that's it.
The 20 random facts about your blogger.
Some were too personal, but most of them were about my faves in life.

In my 20 years of existence, I learned that you should be really thankful for every day because you might not know what will happen the next day, treasure the friends who are always true and loyal to you,  and appreciate everything whether it's big or small.
There may be some sad experiences, but what can I say? C'est la vie :)


  1. You can sing?.
    Awwwhs I wanna hear.(:

  2. @Czarina: LOLz if you really wanna hear me sing then you can copy this link:

    I apologize for the low quality of the sound but I hope you like the few songs I wrote :)